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Whether you are needing a comprehensive transport hire service, moving heavy machinery or need oversized transport across Tasmania, Spectran Group has a wide selection of specialised transport trucks available for hire. We strive to maintain a consistent high-quality service.

Spectran Group Specialised Transport Hobart
Spectran Group House transportation Hobart

A large fleet of transport trucks and trailers to deliver a wider range of transport possibilities.

Spectran Group provides specialised transportation services that you need to successfully complete any oversized transportation, material transport or any other specialised transport project that requires unconventional transport truck hire. Spectran Group’s diverse transport trucks and trailers available combined with our extensive experience in transportation solutions means we have the capability to tailor our services for each project. We work closely alongside each of our clients and have the knowledge and understanding of permit and route requirements to ensure a seamless service.

    Specialised transport services include oversized transport loads like buildings, wind farm structures and more.

    With the ever-increasing demand for specific infrastructure developments and specialised equipment hire requirements across Tasmania, Spectran Group is more than happy to lend our expertise and developing transportation hire services. With our brand new Tri-Axle extendable drop deck trailer we can safely move your oversized load in conjunction with a complete traffic management plan.


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      At Spectran Group we provide industry leading solutions in waste management, traffic control, specialised transport and civil construction services throughout Tasmania.