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Cat And Fiddle Shopping Centre Demolition

Spectran Group were contracted to undertake the demolition of Cat and Fiddle Shopping complex within the centres older shopping structure. This required the demolition of several redevelopment periods within each section of the buildings.

The demolition required our adaption of the concrete pulverising head to a mini excavator to allow for the ability to undertake internal concrete demolition within the existing buildings.

Spectran Group were required to co-ordinate Hobart City Council, Workplace Safe, Environmental Dept., local businesses in the shopping area and residents in the area of our asbestos roof removal along with the concrete walls and steel truss structures.

We were required to complete the building demolition inclusive of wall separation form CSIRO building, asbestos roof removal and building demolition. Excavation, removal and remediation of 700 tonnes of contaminated materials.

  • Development of the site from virgin bush along with tree removal, loam stripping and fencing.
  • All road construction, inclusive of retaining wall installation and placement
  • Construction of the Gordons Hill Rd.
    roundabout for site entry.
  • Full Civil Works inclusive of all service including electrical cable management installation.

Myer - Demolition And Waste Removal

Spectran Group were required to co-ordinate Local Council, Workplace Safe, Environmental Dept., local businesses in the shopping area and residents in the area of our controlled waste disposal area.

We were required to complete the total demolition and site removal within a 14day period, with the project actually completed in 10 days. A total of 6500 cubic metres was loaded and removed from the site.

Spectran Contracting was awarded the contract for all civil and retaining wall construction for Springhaven Lifestyle Village, constructed as Stage 2 of the Rosny Development for Southern Cross Care.

Works involved:

Spectran Group were contracted to provide a total site works for the demolition of the existing shops, all traffic management, bulk earthworks, concrete pile and rock anchor placement for Freeman Street road stabilisation, detailed footing, stormwater diversion, sewage, road and access construction.

Spectran Group were required to complete this project over a tight timeframe being in two stages 12 months apart with a tight timeframe for all work due to the shopping centre disruption.

Coningham - Old Station Road Reconstruction

Spectran Group successfully secured this design and construct tender to demolish the existing sea wall that was in a state of disrepute and falling down and reconstruct a new structural sea wall 450m long in the same location.

The existing road was also reconstructed with new subsoil drainage and a drivable shoulder to catch water run off the road.


Spectran Group were contracted to undertake excavation on sandstone of an inground chamber, along with tunnels construction for the 3 entry locations, along with carpark and driveway construction.

We were required to excavate a 18m deep building chamber in solid sandstone, this was undertaken with grinding attachments on 23 tonne Excavators, with long reach excavator removal, dust extraction walls trimmed with laser measurement for exposed building wall finish.

Once excavated to floor level we then excavated two tunnel sections, the longest being 50 metres with exposed circular wall trimmed with laser guidance.

Fragrance Hotel

Spectran Group were contracted to undertake the total asbestos removal and building demolition for the site. The building being of 6 stories in height, required appropriate engineering certification for the demolition and for the materials to be placed on the roof to commence.

On completion, footings required to undertake bulk excavation to apply and to be below ground level. Including all detailed footings, priced footings in underfitting and requirement of traffic management for the project to be successful. 

Queens Baton Relay

Spectran Group were required to plan, prepare and ensure efficient traffic management plans to put in place for the event of the Queens Baton Relay. This meant several months of planning and coordinating with various organisations and councils, including the Hobart City Council, Clarence City Council, Glenorchy City Council, Tasmanian Police and the SES to ensure a smooth operating event on the day.

Powerco’s Tasmanian Gas Mains Installation

Spectran Pty Ltd. was contracted to provide construction crews for the installation of gas mains throughout the Hobart metro area as a subcontractor to Bilfinger Berger Services for Stage 2 of POWERCo’s Tasmanian Gas mains installation. At the peak period of this contract, we were required to have 4 main laying crews involved in pipe installation, and we placed in excess of 1 kilometre of pipe, inclusive of planning, road inspection, service location, road saw cutting, excavation, pipe placement and welding, backfill and compaction and pressure testing.

Cascade Brewery Water Treatment Plant

Spectran Group were contracted to provide a design and construct package for the bulk excavation, footings, retaining walls and slab preparation and construction for the new Waterleau Waste Water Treatment Plant for Cascade in Hobart.

Dibusco Pty Ltd Subdivision Construction

Working with the engineering consultant, Burbury Consulting Pty Ltd, Spectran Pty Ltd. was contracted to provide the construction of a 14 lot subdivision at 80 Channel Hwy outside Kingston in the south of Tasmania.

The contract required site preparation and installation of all features within the subdivision. Spectran Pty Ltd managed and constructed the Stormwater systems, Sewer systems, Water, Road works, and Kerb and Guttering.

Kingston Park Site Demolition And Construction

Spectran Contracting Pty Ltd has completed the 2 major Stages for preliminary development for the new “Kingston Park” project. This was commenced with our demolition of the original Kingston High School, inclusive of all asbestos removal, services disconnection and building demolition, footing and slab removal and landscape remediation.

Spectran Contracting was then successful with the site development works, being new road and services infrastructure, associated with the development of Kingston Park.

This has included major stormwater upgrades, total electrical and communications services installation, roads, footpaths and walkways.

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