Excavator Hire

0.9 to 30 tonnes available for hire.

Our modern excavators range from 0.9 to 30 tonnes and are perfect for a variety of projects across Hobart, including earthmoving and civil construction. Our experienced wet hire excavator operators are trained by industry experts and deliver quality workmanship and performance every time.


A diverse range of excavators internally maintained for high performance

Our selection of wet hire excavators includes:

  • 305.5C EXC CAT 3.5 tonne excavator for hire
  • EXC CAT 0.9 tonne excavator for hire
  • 290LC-78 Hyundai 29 tonne excavator for hire
  • SK75SR-3 Kobelco 7.5 tonne excavator for hire
  • SK17SR-5 Kobelco 1.7 tonne excavator for hire
  • R 16-9 Hyundai 1.6 tonne excavator for hire
  • ZX135US-5 Hitachi 13 tonne excavator for hire
  • PC200-8N1 Komatsu 20 tonne excavator for hire
  • 6MCR Mecalac 6 tonne excavator for hire
  • 8MCR Mecalac 8 tonne excavator for hire
  • PC45MR-3 Komatsu 4.5 tonne excavator for hire
  • 305E2 CAT 4.5 tonne excavator for hire
  • GK2350R-2 Kobelco 23 tonne excavator for hire
  • SK25SR-6E Kobelco 2.5 tonne excavator for hire
  • SK35SR-6 Kobelco 3.5 tonne excavator for hire
Spectran Group Cat and Fiddle Shopping Centre Excavator with Grab Claw Hobart

Over 15 years of experience in the plant hire industry

We supply excavators with GPS controlled units, which allow our operators to excavate with extreme precision and accuracy compared to manual control. By providing direct information on the position and orientation of an excavator’s bucket or an auger, our operators can excavate and drill faster and more efficiently by spending more time being productive rather than surveying and grade checking. Whether you are working on mass excavation, trenching, grading or dredging, our GPS controlled excavators for hire are the perfect choice for increased excavating efficiency.


Perfect for providing support for bulk excavation, landscaping, earthmoving and civil construction projects in Hobart.

Contact Spectran Group today to receive an obligation-free quote on our wet excavator hire rates. Alternatively, if you have any questions regarding our excavators for wet hire or more, fill out the enquiry form. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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