Safe and efficient asbestos removal service throughout Tasmania.

Spectran Group provides the largest and most comprehensive Tasmanian Class A Friable asbestos removal service in Tasmania. Spectran Group is the leading choice for fire restoration and the removal, transportation and disposal of contaminated materials, including friable asbestos. Our experienced and highly skilled team can quickly and safely identify, remediate and remove asbestos in Hobart and across Tasmania.

Spectran Group Asbestos Removal Seal Hobart
Spectran Group Asbestos Removal Seal Hobart

Licensed for Class A and Class B asbestos removal 

Recent major asbestos projects have included:

    • Harris Scarfe – Largest most recent friable asbestos removal in Hobart CBD
    • OPSM – Friable asbestos removal
    • Myer Demolition – Contaminated fire debris, demolition and asbestos removal
    • KG5 Grandstand – Fire restoration, demolition and asbestos removal
    • Evandale Hop Kiln – Fire restoration and asbestos removal

    Fire restoration, site demolition and site clean-up projects.

    At Spectran Group, we supply licenced asbestos removalists ready to remove any asbestos contamination from your premises. We can help with both non-friable asbestos removal and friable asbestos removal. Non-friable asbestos, also known as bonded asbestos, are asbestos fibres that are held together by a solid matrix, such as concrete, cement, vinyl and tiles. Friable asbestos, on the other hand, are loosely packed asbestos fibres that can be crushed easily in the hand, such as in insulation, rope, fire blankets, pipe lagging among others. Spectran Group has professional training and the proper safety equipment necessary to remove both types of asbestos from homes and businesses.

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      At Spectran Group we provide industry leading solutions in waste management, traffic control, specialised transport and civil construction services throughout Tasmania.